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  • NOW, SINGAPORE Vol 01.  〜MALE CREATORS〜  Asia’s top Singaporean talents.

Over the years, Singapore’s reputation as an arts hub has made a worldwide impression. Out of this vibrant arts scene, EDIT LIFE SINGAPORE has handpicked the hottest and most current artists to participate in an exhibition. We invited Kenny Leck who is owner of the hottest book store in Tiong Bahru “Books Actually” as our curator. Separated into male and female artists over two months, it is a gathering of top graphic designers, photographers, architects, musicians, and embroidery artists active in their field. From 11th April till 12th May, we will be featuring Male artists. We will show and sell their art works. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with their special talents!

近年ますます盛り上がりを見せるシンガポールのアートシーン。中でも、今、最も注目を集めているアーティストが一堂に介すエキシビジョンを4月11日から6月19日までの約2ヶ月間、EDIT LIFE SINGAPOREで開催します。キュレーターはシンガポールカルチャーの中心的存在ともいえる書店「BooksActually」のオーナー・Kenny Leck氏。5月12日までの前半は、グラフィックデザイナーやクリエイティブディレクター、ミュージシャンなど男性アーティストたちによる作品を展示、販売します。彼らの才能に触れられる貴重な機会、お見逃しなく。

*「NOW, SINGAPORE Vol.02, ~FEMALE CREATORS~」will exhibit from 16th May ~ 19th June.
※5月16日〜6月19日までは『NOW,SINGAPORE Vol.02 〜FEMALE CREATORS〜 』を開催します。

Opening Reception
11 April (Male) 7.30pm, 16 May (Female) 7.30pm.


Kenny Leck/BooksActually Bookstore Owner
BooksActually is an independent bookstore specializing in Fiction and Literature. This includes antique/rare editions. It also houses the largest collection of Singapore literary publications including some out-of-print titles.

シンガポールで最もセンスあるBook Storeとして有名な、Tiong Bahruエリアに位置する“BooksActually”オーナー。フィクション、純文学などの書籍、アンティークや貴重な品も取り扱う。シンガポール版の希少なコレクションは有名。シンガポールのアートシーンにおいて、欠かせない人物。


Pann Lim/Rubbish FAMZINES Art Collective
Holycrap.sg was started in 2011 by the Lim family, Claire, Renn, Aira, and Pann. They
believe that expression is a form of art and it can manifest in many ways. Their Rubbish Famzines and collaterals designed by Holycrap & Kinetic Singapore has won awards both locally and internationally. Their works represents “The Family Now”, and they are always in search of moments and memories.

Holycrap.sgは、Claire, Renn, Aira and Pann… LIM Familyにより2011年にスタート。感じるものを様々な手法で表現。HolycrapとKinetic Singaporeの代表作品である“Rubbish Famizines”は、これまで国内外にて多くの賞を獲得。


Sean Lam/Hanging Up The Moon Singer, Songwriter
Hanging Up The Moon is the moniker
of singer-songwriter Sean Lam, a well- respected figure in the Singapore music scene, one of the pioneers when it started in the early 90s. Sean has gone on to distinguish himself outside of the music scene too as an interactive designer.

Hanging Up The Moonとして活動し、シンガポールの音楽シーンを牽引する人物のひとり。フォーク・ミュージック・シンガー・ソングライターであり、90年代初頭にスタートしたインディバンドのパイオニア。音楽シーン以外においてもインタラクティブ・デザイナーとして活躍する。


Edwin Low/SUPERMAMA Product Designer
Unlike most shops, Supermama is not out
to make money. It sounds strange whenever you hear something like this – it feels elitist, pretentious, naive – but there are things that are far more important than money. Like good design. Like beauty. Like life.



Joshua lp/Writer
Joshua Ip is the Singapore Literature Prize-winning author of ‘making love with scrabble tiles’ (2013), and ‘sonnets from
the singlish’ (2012). He has co-edited two poetry anthologies: ‘A Luxury We Cannot Afford’ (2014) and ‘SingPoWriMo’ (2014). He is working on his first graphic novel, ‘Ten Stories Below’ (2015).

2012年著書“sonnets from the singlish”、2013 年著書“making love with scrabble tiles”にて、 シンガポール文学賞を受賞。また、2014年には、“A Luxury We Cannot Afford”と“SingPoWriMo” の編集に携わる。2015年、初めての漫画作品となる“Ten Stories Below”の制作に取り組んでいる。


Justin Long/HJGHER & Underscore Magazine Editor, Creative Consultant
Justin is the man behind branding and design of many popular brands such as Kith Café, BINCHO, Pollen and creative consultant to Hermes’ exhibition design. Winning several design awards, he is also the editor of art, culture and fashion magazine UNDERSCORE MAGAZINE.

Kith Café, BINCHO, Pollen等、シンガポールで高い人気を誇るCaféやレストランのブランディング、エルメスの展示会デザイン等を行うクリエイティブ・コンサルタント。数々のデザインアワード受賞。また、アート、カルチャー、ファッション、デザインを取り上げたUNDERSCORE MAGAZINEを手掛ける。


Jason Wee/Grey Projects
Gallery Owner, Curator, Writer
Jason is a master of three disciplines. He runs his own artists space called Grey Projects in Tiong Bahru. He is occassionally invited to be a curator or as an artist in international shows. He is also the author of “My Suit” and “The Monsters Between Us”.

世界で個展を開催するアーティストであり、ライター (著:“My Suit” “The Monsters Between Us”)。 Tiong Bahruエリアに、アーティスト・スペース・ギャラリー”Grey Projects”を有し、彼自身がキュレーターとして様々な展示会開催も行う。


Mike Foo/Woods In The Books Painter, Bookshop Owner
Woods in the Books is an independent picture bookshop started by artist Mike Foo and partner Shannon Ong, and the boss is Mr Scotti. They specialise in picture books for all ages. Besides books, you can find drawings, paintings, prints and plush toys made by co-owner Mike.

Tiong Bahruエリアにある絵本のみの書店“Woods in the Books”オーナー。世界中から集められたセンスあるセレクションと店内を彩る彼のアート作品が唯 一無二の書店として人気を誇る。Kids向けのWork Shopも注目。


Joshua Comaroff/Lekker Architects Architectural Designer
Lekker Architects was started by husband and wife Joshua and Ker-Shing. They have a wide range of works – including Hermes, Eu Yan Sang, Singapore Biennale and NParks. Ong Ker-Shing is featured in the female artist exhibition.

“Lekker Architects”は、JoshuaとKer-Shing夫妻によりスタート。エルメス、Eu Yan Sang、シンガポールアート展、国立公園など、活躍の場は、住居、アート、教育、ランドスケープ、ショップデザインと多岐にわたる。女性展にて注目のOng Ker Shingのパートナー。


Alvin Ho/Atelier HOKO Inter-design Artist
Alvin is one half of HOKO, a research platform focusing on material and immaterial conditions that make up our experience of the everyday. His partner, Clara Koh, is featured in the female artist exhibition.

HOKO ファウンダー。形あるもの無きものを独自の目線とアイデアで、リサーチした結果をグラフィカルにまとめた作品が非常に興味深い。代表著 “HABIT(c)AT”(SingaporeのStreet Catがスペースに固執する生態と人間との関係をクローズアップ)等。女性展にて注目のClara Kohのパートナー。



NOW, SINGAPORE Vol 02.  〜FEMALE CREATORS〜  Asia’s top Singaporean talents.

We opened from 11 April our exhibition「NOW , SINGAPORE Vol 01.  〜MALE CREATORS〜 」. In continuation, starting from 16th May, Singapore’s Female Artists whom have participated actively in the world will come to showcase and sell their art works!