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  • “My Favorite Things” by Harumi Fukuda

[About Harumi Fukuda and “My Favorite Things”]

Harumi is our brand director of Edit Life, who has long experience as creative director in fashion industry in Japan.

“I have grown up and worked with tiny but delightful everyday items from Japan, Europe, Korea… all over the world,” Harumi explains, describing her collection. “They taught me how important it is to treasure each day by living leisurely and at ease. Food, clothing and housing styles originating from tradition comforts our urban life in Tokyo. It is my great pleasure to introduce my favorite things, and I hope that they help you to enjoy your life in Singapore a little bit more. ”
“My Favorite Things” consists of 6 brands that makes your lifestyle happy and stylish. It is no wonder these cute and sophisticated items are perfect gifts for the approaching festive season!

[About Leslie Low]

Leslie is a lead vocalist of rock, experimental and electronica band “Observatory” based in Singapore. He is currently pursuing a solo performance career as well. One of his most prominent project of late is called “In The Living Room”, where he sings with his acoustic guitar in private houses in Singapore.

[About Hitoshi Matsuo]

Hitoshi is our producer of Edit Life Tokyo/Singapore. He is an experienced editor of Japanese major magazines, such as “Brutas” and “Hanako”.

Nov 21,2014 –
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